Currency Card

Carrying your travel money has never been cheaper, easier or more secure with the Travelmaker Prepaid Currency card.

The card is available in Euros, US Dollars or Sterling and you can pick one up at your local Co-operative in-store Post Office Financial counter.

What are the benefits of the Travelmaker Prepaid Currency Card?

It’s an excellent travel partner – the Travelmaker Prepaid Currency Card has all the benefits of a Visa card but you only spend the money you load onto the card. So you and your family can carry your travel money wherever you go and use your card anywhere that displays a Visa logo - online, by telephone, in shops and at ATM’s worldwide with complete peace of mind.

  • Global acceptance wherever the Visa logo is displayed
  • Competitive exchange rates for foreign travel
  • Convenient for all everyday purchases online and in stores
  • Access to your money 24/7, 365 days a year and the card is valid for 5 years
  • Better protection from card fraud with a secure PIN to authorise transactions
  • Lost and stolen card line 24/7 and friendly customer services 6 days a week
  • Only spend what you load – no overdraft or interest charges
  • Instant Activation and Instant Top Up – no waiting
  • Review your balance and record of transactions online via your e-account
  • Low ATM fees
  • Ideal for leisure & business travel, students and seasonal workers

How do I get a Travelmaker Prepaid Currency Card?

To collect a card, simply bring photographic proof of identity and proof of address (e.g. utility bill or bank statement) along to our Co-operative Society in-store Post Office Financial counters. We will provide you with a Travelmaker Prepaid Currency Card (available in Euros, US Dollars or Sterling) and help you to activate and top-up your new card using our commission free and extremely competitive rates.

Once you are loaded it is like using a normal Visa card, accepted in millions of outlets and ATM machines worldwide.

Travelmaker Prepaid Currency Card Customer Service Telephone Number:  0330 041 4592, or email: 

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